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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 23:45:51 on July22,2005

    Entry number 149072

    keyword=To get phase advance: move a coil

    Double checked the effect of dithering coils, and pumped up the amplitude of 
    the third vertical magnet to make sure it was actually working.  It is.  
    Jay couldn't find an easy way to get a different vertical response between 
    these coils.  His solution is to go back to the hardware: 1C02 has a huge y 
    beta function but is also at a different phase than 1C03, so he suggests moving 
    the first vertical magnet up one girder (from 1C03 to 1C02).  He believes that 
    this will separate it from the vertical magnet at 1C05. 
    I hope to make this happen on Monday.  Independently, we should try to 
    commission our dithering script and start dithering regularly.

    FIGURE 1