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    User name Glesener

    Log entry time 08:11:01 on July23,2005

    Entry number 149142

    keyword=Target screen shot

    One last screen shot--fairly normal conditions, although CHL jumped a minute 
    Suggestions for managing the CHL flow fluctuations:
    If no beam or low current, close JT valve a bit so that sudden jumps in the 
    flow don't take it over 25 g/s.
    Sudden rises in CHL flow seem to be followed by extreme drops.  Changes to the 
    JT valve seem to cause fluctuations about 5 minutes later.  Fluctuations are 
    often associated with changes in the beam (beam trips, beam back).
    If a sudden drop occurs, immediately turn off beam.  This should get the heat 
    load back to a point where the HPH can regulate.  If it is necessary to open 
    the JT valve more, make it a small step.
    Watch the screens whenever possible in order to catch fluctuations when they 
    Note: earlier we turned beam compensation off because we thought the HPH was 
    jumpy.  This was probably not the problem, but it is still off.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2