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    User name lkaufman

    Log entry time 05:09:50 on July25,2005

    Entry number 149381

    keyword=helicity-correlated systematics for different beam optics

    These are the results of beam position differences, energy differences, and 
    charge asymmetry for two sets of beam optics and a spot move.
    The first section of data is a repeat of the plots I showed in halog 149080 - 
    data is from owl 7/22.
    The middle set of data is from runs taken on owl 7/23 after Jay had changed the 
    beam optics - now we have phase advance in x, but not y.
    The third set of data is from a couple of runs from swing 7/23 with the same 
    beam optics, but there was a spot move on the cathode.
    It seems that the spot move didn't change any of the helicity-correlated 
    systematics within the error bars.  The beam optics change certainly helped to 
    make the x position differences much smaller while the y position differences 
    are now significantly 
    larger.  Angle differences are still fairly large in both x and y.  Energy 
    differences don't seem to have changed at all.
    Charge asymmetry is under control - it is especially nice to see that feedback 
    is working!

    FIGURE 1