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    User name Holmstrom

    Log entry time 16:43:29 on July25,2005

    Entry number 149431

    keyword=Hole losses from septum scan

    I have analyzed the sieve data taken last night to look at how much accpetance is lost. I do this by looking at the number of holes lost or gained in the sieve pattern. This taks was made harder by the fact that the optics data was taken with the raster on. This data should be taken either with rater off, or as small a raster as possible. The large raster used for this data makes these counts inaccurate by +/- 1 hole.

    Single Foil
    Run Septum Left Holes Right Holes
    2252 0% 38 38
    2255 10% 36 38
    2256 20% 34 35

    24cm Optics target
    Run Septum Left Holes Right Holes
    (+12/-12) (+12/-12)
    2253 0% 29/31 28/29
    2254 10% 26/31 25/30
    2257 20% 17/31 0/29

    One interesting feature is the loss of the +12cm foil for the right arm. You can also see the acceptance cutting into the right single foil peak at 20%. I am not sure if this makes sense.