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    User name R. Feuerbach

    Log entry time 09:55:57 on July 26, 2005

    Entry number 149513

    keyword=Production run plan

    E00-114 Run Plan July 26

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    Jul 26, 9:00, Rob Feuerbach, Run Coordinator (pager 584-7254)


    1. Establish beam
    2. Production running at the +10% septum-excitation setting (page R.C. after run is started)
    3. When the beam and Sirish is available, the beam trajectory through the Compton chicane will be improved.

    Nominal and Production settings

    Establishing beam for the Helium target

    1. Before beam is permitted back into the hall after an extended down (more than 2hrs) or the beam tune has been changed, the target should be in the Empty position.
    2. If it is a new tune, take a HARP SCAN with an unrastered beam to check the intrinsic spot size.
    3. Verify the raster size by taking a pulser run with the spectrometer DAQ, with the prescale factors ps7 and ps8 set to 1 and running spot++. The actual size of the rastered beam spot is 1.5* the image dimensions in spot++. Iterate with MCC until the raster size is correct.
    4. Insert the Helium target, and ask for beam starting at a maximum current of 10uA and ramp up (over a minute) to the operating current while the target operator watches the HPH and CHL 4K He flow.

    Data-taking Tasks

    General Tasks:

    Please log below (and in the HALOG) any unusual observations and problems solved
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