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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:41:57 on July27,2005

    Entry number 149698

    keyword=how to print

    How to print (the easy way):

    print file

    will print "file" to cha2hp.

    print file clonhp

    will print "file" to printer="clonhp". So, the 2nd argument
    is optional and is the printer. If its absent, we assume

    And yes, cha2hp is dead at the moment. I'll try to get CC to
    fix it tomorrow. In the meantime, try clonhp which is in Hall B
    counting room.

    BTW, apar didn't have "print" in it's path. I fixed this but
    you might have to "rehash". It's in ~apar/bin/print.