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    User name Sirish

    Log entry time 21:32:17 on July28,2005

    Entry number 149916

    keyword=Compton Status

    The compton photon flash-adc readout system has developed glitch. It crashes above 20uA beam current. We were unable to fix it with a brief access. A longer access is needed to troubleshoot thouroughy.

    For rate monitoring both photon and electron rates are available, since the scalers still work fine. However the data contain no ADC info and are useless for beam polarization analysis. Electron singles data are good for both rate monitoring and polarization analysis.

    Instructions to shift crew:

    Take compton runs for "electron only" triggers.
    the acceptable rates for electrons are below 50 (cavity on) and above 200 (cavity off) as in the figure.
    Ignore instructions about photons in the data taking procedure.

    FIGURE 1