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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 11:21:44 on July29,2005

    Entry number 149973

    keyword=Energy Dithering enabled, run 3942

    Started energy dithering in Run 3942. 
    At 10:50, we ended run 3940 and rebooted all DAQ iocs. (We needed to load
    new BMW software, and Bryan wanted all iocs rebooted together.) We started
    dithering durng run 3941, but it failed on caput to FB_C:pause, with a
    channel access problem.  Called MCC.  They got back to us about 11:10 with
    a temporary fix in place.  We started a new run 3942, and performed our
    first energy dither with Hall C.  We can clearly see the energy lock
    re-establish, so things look good.
    The channel access fix is temporary.  We need to keep an eye on this, and call 
    MCC a little later to make sure it was installed in a permanent way.  The 
    software group is working on this now.