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    User name R. Snyder

    Log entry time 20:06:06 on July29,2005

    Entry number 150035

    keyword=Dx and Dy in Injector and Hall

    The two figures present Dx and Dy at four bpm's in the injector (1I02, 1I04, 
    1I06, 0I02) and the two in the hall (4a and 4b) for the two most recent slugs. 
    The plots are presented as um vs. slugs where slug 1 has IHWP OUT and slug 2 
    has IHWP IN. The IHWP slug (#2) has the sign flipped so as to show where there 
    may be possible cancellation.
    Notice there is a sign flip for Dy at both 4b and 4a and for Dx at 4a. However, 
    there is no sign flip for Dx at 4b.  

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2