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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 18:13:59 on September 01, 2005

    Entry number 154160

    keyword=Linearity test, take 2

    Run 4921: Scanned the current from 0 to 40µA. iocse10 was in forced gain... was not locking throughout the run. Gains for BPMs in iocse9 were not forced gain... and were adjusting periodically for fast feedback. bpm12 wires are probably not so great during this run.

    ROC26 rebooted itself to end the run. great.

    Attached are the BPM SEE and gain screens..

    IOCSE10 gains before test

    IOCSE10 gains during test

    BPM SEE gain screen during test

    IOCSE10 gains after test