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    User name Saha

    Log entry time 10:10:39 on September15,2005

    Entry number 154788

    keyword=Septum Quench Studies

    Increase current to 40.5 uA

    We had been at 38.5 µA and the right septum upper coil
    was at 7.61 K, so it looks like we can go higher. The lower coil
    plateaued at 7.21 K.

    However, after we go to 40.5 µA the beam trips very often; but this is due to Hall C ion trips according to MCC.

    Current L_lowcoil L_upcoil R_lowcoil R_upcoil
    38.5 7.506
    40.5 7.493 7.282 7.079 7.504

    Quench test failed due to frequent beam RF trips

    1000: MCC beam off for beam studies