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    User name R. Snyder

    Log entry time 04:15:02 on September20,2005

    Entry number 155282

    keyword=4A & 4B position differences since Ryan's source change up to Hall laser C lock failure

    These plots contain only slugs since my change to the IHWP OUT state until the 
    Hall C laser lock failed. There are no slugs analyzed yet to display data since 
    the  Hall C laser failed.
    The first thing to notice here is that there is no cancellation with the IHWP. 
    Compared to my last entry with slugs 77-89, the IHWP IN state that I never 
    touched in my source change has drifted more negative as shown below. The red 
    markers are IHWP OUT and the blue are IHWP IN.
    In the x plots, there are suggestions that there could be cancellation with 
    IHWP if a neagtive outset is removed. It's harder to see this posible 
    cancellation in the y plots, but the magnitudes at both the A and B bpm's are 

    FIGURE 1