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    User name E. Chudakov

    Log entry time 22:06:21 on September21,2005

    Entry number 155535

    keyword=Left Q1 trip and recovery

    Q1 left tripped at about 20:00
    Failing to reset it remotely ("Common error", "Common RX error")
    we went to control access. We failed to reset it in situ as well.
    The power supply would show regular green LED signals, but
    the GUI still showed the red error lines and no current was going.
    We played many times with the yellow/blue buttons. Mark Stevens
    gave us several advices. We recycled the power etc...
    Then, Mark Stevens decided to come. We left the hall and when
    we entered the counting room the errors spontaneousely cleared.
    We ramped up the current and asked for beam permit at about 22:00.