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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 13:56:42 on July 16, 2006

    Entry number 174281

    keyword=Pion Rejector (HRS L)

    The pion rejector is connected to ADCs: PR1 L ADC-24 0-17 PR1 R ADC-24 18-33 PR2 L ADC-24 34-50 PR2 R ADC-24 51-63, ADC-23 0-4

    Signals from the tubes and the HV matching has been checked. I removed the AC-couplers at the ADC inputs, since we are not using amplifiers any more and the 60Hz noise is low. The couplers are stored in a plastic box with other connectors in the grey locker on the platform. We should check the pedestal widths in order to decide whether we need them or not.

    The modules are numbered from bottom to top. All HV are set to -800V. Please do not change them at the moment.