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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:45:29 on July17,2006

    Entry number 174345

    keyword=trigger/DAQ for Ledex

    How to run trigger/DAQ

    Some recent details:

    The trigger latch pattern (D.evtypbits) are in the following
    L-arm, ROC4, slot 13, starting at channel 0 (i.e. 1st chan)
    R-arm, ROC2, slot 12, starting at channel 64 (I believe this
    was unchanged).

    Timing was adjusted, so T0 may have changed (if you care).
    The coincidence trigger & DAQ are not quite ready. We expect
    to finish it during the September break. At present there are
    only two single arm DAQs. They can be synched by using the cable
    in the middle counting room (see guide2.html above).

    Trigger T9 was plugged in. It is the 30 Hz "LNE" signal from
    the helicity electronics. Those data should have helicity==0
    (i.e. unknown) because of their timing. T9 cannot be prescaled.
    It's "annoying" but necessary for reliable helicity reconstruction.

    As I write this, one CAMAC crate on L-arm is overheating. Jack
    will replace the fan unit later today. In the meantime the L-arm
    trigger is hosed.