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    User name A. Camsonne, R. Feuerbach

    Log entry time 13:45:26 on July 19, 2006

    Entry number 174491

    keyword=PR and CSR-adc fixes

    Noticed in run 1452 that the ADC readout of the CSR detector channels had blank regions 16channels wide, suggesting a bit was stuck. Power cycling didn't help, so the ADC was swapped out. The "bad" ADC is still in the downstairs cabinet and needs to be labelled.

    Investigating the missing/weak channels of the PR found one set of delay-cable connections that were loose. In the online display, PR1 channel 4 (the 5th PR channel) was fixed by dis- and re-connecting the delay cable at the downstairs patch panel. The other weak channels do not have visible signals at the upstairs patch panel, probably due to too low a HV setting.

    Run 1457 was begun after the fixes were made.