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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 19:05:56 on July 22, 2006

    Entry number 174837

    keyword=Quick update (in case you are wondering what's going on!)

    We await. Seonho has been talking with M. Tiefenback, who has been working pretty much all day at MCC to figure out why there is so much beamloss coming down the Hall A beamline. He reported to Seonho a couple of hours ago that the problem was in the magnet directly after the RF separator in BSY (there was a special name for the magnet starting with "L", but I forget!); the beam was coming through this magnet in an unusual (i.e. wrong) direction, and therefore scraping on the way through that magnet. This is, of course, bad. Since then, Tiefenback has been working on correcting the optics ahead of there to get the beam through in a more reasonable way, and it sounded as if progress was being made. So, that's where we are. As of now, Tiefenback was still over in MCC working on this for us, but we're not sure how long he'll stay. If no significant improvement can be made tonight, Seonho has asked MCC to go back to the tune from last night in which we had about 9-10 micramps; we would then start up our tests with only that much current if needed (that is, if it becomes clear that no improvement is going to be made tonight).