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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 17:14:49 on July25,2006

    Entry number 175199

    This entry is a followup to: 175196

    keyword=Spot++ with raster off: a check

    Ok, here is a spot++ picture with raster off. BPMs on magnet screen read the following: A = (0.86, 0.13) and B = (-0.47, -.16). The spot++ results are below in the figure, and you'll see that there clearly is an offset between "0" in the spot++ BPM plots and the "reality" of the direct BPM readouts (from magnet screen). Therefore, knowing no better, I ignore the offsets from (0,0) present in the spot++ analysis, and stay happy with the raster size from last halog (175196). Arun Saha is here and he agrees. He also says, however, it would be good to do a harp scan with the raster on to be sure the *scale* of the spot++ analysis is ok (since that is what I'm supposed to be happy about). Will do such a check after MCC finishes its current activity of putting on Fast Feedback. FINAL NOTE: to run spot++ with 5 microamps and no target, Alex came in set prescales on HRS-L CODA to be 1 on T8 (the pulser). Nice trick to remember.

    FIGURE 1