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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 17:09:45 on July26,2006

    Entry number 175399


    keyword=Prospects for Moller measurements

    Here I put some information about our plans to run Moller at 360
    MeV. This Moller spectrometer was designed for running at energies greater that 800 MeV. Still, there is a hope to run at 360 MeV, with a much reduced acceptance, with the following magnet settings:
    Q1: GL=11740 kGs,
    Q2: GL=-18040 kGs,
    Q3: GL=5224 kGs
    D: Bdl=119920 kGs*cm.

    In horizontal projection Q1 is overfocussing in order to keep the partcles inside the beam pipe, Q2 is defocussing and Q3 is focussing,
    which is illustrated on the pictures. For this simulation the scattering was limited to 89-90 degrees in the scattering angle in CM, and to +/-1 deg in the azimuthal angle.
    We will have to scan the quad settings around these points in order to maximize the aperture.

    FIGURE 1