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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 03:51:42 on July27,2006

    Entry number 175519

    keyword=Making access to look at radiator

    We (i.e. Ron!) are (is) confused about how to interpret what we are seeing from the radiator; it is unclear from the HRS-L DAQ T3 triggers whether they are scaling appropriately with increasing foil thickness (have tried 1,2,3%)...not having the Q2 working for HRS-L means we don't really understand how the acceptance is working (we thought it would still see protons fine, just with some reduced acceptance). The 1% foil also appears to not increase T3 rate compared to "no foil" position. Many little confusing things. So, Ron is going down to see if the radiator physically appears to be moving - it should now be in the foil 3 position.