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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 05:07:15 on July 27, 2006

    Entry number 175520

    keyword=Re-calibrate radiator positions

    On access, found radiator was not being moved to proper locations. Rebooted controller IOC and did a re-calibration of foil-position settings. Steffen has lots of photo-documentation. The motion appears to reliably go to the same positions (we iterated about 3-4 times) when the foil buttons are pushed, but all the foil positions 1 - 4 are offset by about +0.07. That is, -0.03 still gives the no-foil position, but foil 1 is at about -.18 rather than -.25, foil 2 is at -0.42 rather -0.49, foil 3 is at -0.65 rather than -0.73, and foil 4 is around -0.88 rather than -0.96, if I recall the new numbers off the top of my head correctly. We need to talk with Wetherholt tomorrow, and try to calibrate the radiator with these modified positions tonight. It is difficult to tweak the positions by hand.