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    User name Kumbartzki

    Log entry time 16:07:54 on July27,2006

    Entry number 175584

    keyword=Shift Summary

    Got beam at 9:15, adjusted the trigger rate to 2.1 K by dropping the beam to 5uA.
    1741 Startrun radiator foil 4 (4%)
    1742 Startrun radiator foil 3 (3%)
    10:00 start of fast feedback check by MCC
    run 1743 and run 20269 stopped at the old preset limits after 45 min. although we had set them to 0 before starting the runs.
    New try with larger limits (8M) but start with low beam.
    Stopped runs at 11:45 when MCC was done with their tests
    1745 startrun 11:50 foil 5 in radiator.
    12:10 hand over for Moeller measurements but MCC objected and postponed to 14:00
    Continue with radiator test: Reboot of IOCHLA to fix position offset in Radiator control gui.
    Changed to LH2 target, foil and continued radiator test. Spotsize 2x2 has to be requested as 4x4 at MCC.
    run 1746 3% foil hort test
    run 1747 ok, but low trigger rate 0.12 k
    run 1748 4% foil 0.13 k rate
    At 14:15 Moeller measurements started.