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    User name eschulte

    Log entry time 18:45:36 on July 27, 2006

    Entry number 175589

    keyword=Unresponsive HRS-L Dipole

    During a question to J. LaRose by A. Sarty, LaRose noted that we had "bad" values on the Hall A tools display and rebooted the HRS-L IOC. Afterwards, we noticed that when we tried to set the momentum for the HRS-L the dipole refused to set. At this time it was still responsive to manual setting of currents. In an effort to rectify the situation, we rebooted the IOC 2 more times. The correct current is displayed in the "set" box, but the magnet refuses to set, even by manual setting. This is independent of the state of the NMR regulation. After calling J. LaRose to get some advice it was decided that E. Folts needed to be called in to repair the problem.