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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 21:56:49 on July27,2006

    Entry number 175594

    keyword=Moller measurements

    14:15-21:30 we tried to do Moller measurements.
    It was not successful. The background, presumably from
    the radiative Mott was high. Accidental coincidences between
    2 arms at about 0.1uA were about 4000 Hz, at the same level
    as the expected rate of Moller coincidences. However, the acceptance
    for the Moller events is tiny and very sensitive to the fields in
    the first 2 quads, and also sensitive on our knowledge of the
    geometry. A 10% smaller aperture in certain palces would kill
    all the Mollers. We scanned the field in 2 quads but have not
    produced a significant Moller signal.

    For detector calibration we set up a special setting to detect the
    regular Mott scattering. This produced good signals in the
    detectors. From that we could extrapolate to the 1/2 of the observed
    energy in order to see where to expect the Moller signals.