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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:41:30 on July28,2006

    Entry number 175676

    keyword=trigger access activities

    Took access on Left HRS. Into scalers I plugged in the T9 from the
    correctly timed output (previously it was there but with wrong timing
    which caused helicity + & - deadtime to appear wrong). There should
    be no T9 during helicity + or -, only during helicity==0 (transition).

    I also wanted to plug the MLU strobe (aka RT signal, they are the
    same) into a scaler, but noticed it already was: In the EDTM scaler
    in the 4th channel. It counts 1300 Hz with cosmics. This is
    relevant because this rate is likely to be the EDT bottleneck
    for the new trigger T6.

    Upon exiting I left the lights on for detector stack, per request
    of the RC.