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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 12:13:10 on July28,2006

    Entry number 175683

    keyword=radiator problem diagnosed, solution developed

    We have hooked up the maual controls to the radiator, thansk to JP and Xiaofeng who have loaned us a function generator. We see that both limit switches work. It appears that the VME 44 control board
    limit switch functionality is dead.

    While we have limit switch and movement functionality with the
    manual controls, we cannot precisely determine the position from simply counting how much time we drive the motor. Ed Folts et al
    have set up a camera about 1.5 meters from the rotary feed through,
    so that we can visually determine the position. The camera is set up
    to the "Bigbite" monitor which has been positioned in the center aisle
    of the Counting House.

    Eventually the camera will suffer radiation damage. The time constant is uncertain. When it happens we should contact Scott.

    Because the manual controls are new we should not ask the regular shift workers to operate the radiator. The people who have been trained to operate the system include Brad Sawatzky, Guy Ron, and
    Steffen Strauch. Dave Meekins built the boxes, seven years ago, and
    could be helpful if problems develop.

    The voltage supply in the Hall has been set to 22 V, to drive the
    motor. The motion seems more or less smooth for supply voltage
    from 22 - 29 V.