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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 16:57:42 on July28,2006

    Entry number 175726

    keyword=S0 movement (2nd try)

    To move the S0 counter, from the "Hall A Main Menu" click on the "FPP" button. Select "S0 Movement" from the drop down menu. The upper box in the screen gives the state of the relays used to drive the motor. The top relay enabled drives the counter into the nominal particle envelope. The bottom relay enabled drives the counter out of the nominal particle envelope. The state of the limit switches on the S0 mounting rail is indicated by the "HP1313A" box in the lower part of the screen. These are ADC readouts of the limit switches. +5V means the S0 counter has contacted the limit switch. 0V means the S0 counter is not contacting the limit switch. To visually observe the S0 counter, there are two network cameras in the Shield House. Open a web page. Enter either "asccam1" or "asccam2" in the address field. Select the "Single Camera" link under either Motion JPEG or JPEG - Regularly Refresh. The cameras are pan and tilt cameras. The web server is a little buggy, but should suffice. If it hangs up, just reload the web page. Knock yourselves out.