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    User name M. Olson

    Log entry time 12:59:36 on July29,2006

    Entry number 175976

    keyword=Online analysis run 1824/20346

    I ran 10K events from run 1824/20346, which is the first stable production run after the radiator and optics tests this morning. To the inexperienced eye, there appear to be a few significant differences between the new data and the so-called "golden data". These may be no more than differences due to kinematics or target material, (LD2 vs. LH2), but it might be worthwhile for system experts to give them a quick look before we get too far into production.

    Screens of interest from the online gui:

    FPP Chamber(1-4) wire groups

    L-arm S1 and S2 TDC and ADC
    L-arm VDC wires
    Target and Momentum (detectorL gui)