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    User name gron

    Log entry time 02:25:06 on July 30, 2006

    Entry number 176155

    keyword=Helicity difference fit

    The following is a fit for the helicity difference histogram at the focal plane for an ep run (before using PALM, so you don't accuse the code of being buggy). The function used to do the fit is: f=1/pi*h*Ay*(px*Sin(phi)-Py*cos(phi))

    the fit results are: hAyPx=-1.75e-1 hAyPy=4.77e-1

    At this kinematic setting Pz in the target is essetianly Py in the FPP (93 degrees precession).

    Using Ron Gilman's code for the polarizations we get: Px=-0.37 Pz=0.91

    Which mean that hAy=0.47 (from Px) or 0.52 (from Pz) This is consistent with the results from PALM

    This means that our polarization is high.

    Figure 1