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    User name emily

    Log entry time 16:24:52 on July 30, 2006

    Entry number 176330


    keyword=New BCM coefficients in GUI

    From 29 July 2006 BCM calibration data, the coefficients for the BCMs were found to be: BCM1 mean=43.939 standard dev=0.453 BCM2 mean=44.210 standard dev=0.461 The Current GUI has been modified to reflect this. As you can see from the plots below, at the low currents at which we are operating, the coefficient is not constant with beam current (from 0L02). Right now, we are using the mean of all the values as the coefficient for a given BCM. We still need to figure out what is wrong with the Average Currents reported in the End of Run halog files.

    BCM1 Calibration Coefficient Plot

    BCM2 Calibration Coefficient Plot