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    User name brads

    Log entry time 09:46:37 on July 31, 2006

    Entry number 176510


    keyword=Controlled access

    Hall C has requested that the injector group investigate a 1% ripple in the
    beam energy that they are seeing (with a frequency of ~1 Hz).

    We are going to take an opportunistic access during this down to address
    the following issues:
    - LHRS bogie controller problem
    - put a telephoto lens on the Radiator camera and move it farther away
    MCC people have been requested to look into the problems with the
    - 1HA1H03B Harp scanner
    - beam calorimeter chiller
    - Hall A position FFB 'flakiness' (might not be able to do anything with
    this issue without having beam into the hall)

    We expect to be open for 2--3 hours.