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    User name M. Stevens

    Log entry time 01:51:28 on October 06, 2006

    Entry number 186433

    keyword=Right dipole incommunicado

    I arrived at about 2300 and found the right dipole unresponsive to any commands. I initiated the flying reset procedure of the imbedded computer, and the Dynapower responded immediately, and began ramping down. I went up and looked at the ioc with the field regulator off, and the serial ip was strobing at a rapid rate - varying from about 10 to perhaps twice that or more over a period of 2 or 3 seconds. Meanwhile, the rt NMR meter was also locked up, and it took several iterations of ioc reboots and meter power cycles to get it going again. What finally worked was a quick power cycle (about 3 off seconds) with the ioc up and running. The dipole ramped down to about 50 amps and I fast-dumped it the rest of the way. I cycled power and it came back up normally.