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    User name Brash

    Log entry time 00:13:00 on November 01, 2006

    Entry number 188657

    keyword=Update on Missing Mass Issue

    OK ...

    So after some long discussions with Steffen, the conclusion at the moment appears to be that the drift in the missing mass spectrum that has been observed over the last few days is undesirable. Our best theory at this point is that this is symptomatic of a loss of communication with the HRS magnets (one or both arms). When this loss of communication happens, the field appears to start drifting, which leads to the drifting missing mass effect.

    That being said, here is the suggested plan for shift workers:

    1. Keep a close eye on the missing mass spectrum, by doing the online replay.

    2. If you observe that the missing mass is starting to drift (by more than, say, a couple of MeV from the reference plot), then this is a signal of communication loss, and probably it is best to do an IOC reboot.

    3. The instructions for the IOC reboot are on the experiment wiki page, under the "instructions for shift workers" link.

    4. The IOC reboot is generally straightforward, but we had some problems getting the NMR to lock. I had some success with just setting the DAC manually to an appropriate value, and then turning the auto search on once it got close. I found that the following worked pretty well:

    Right arm -> DAC=2400 Probe=B Left arm -> DAC=1319 Probe=B

    Cheers, Ed