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    User name Perdrisat19

    Log entry time 00:01:38 on November 4,2006

    Entry number 188824

    keyword=Shift journal 16-24

    19:00 end of Moeller measurement: 86.4 %
    19:31 start run 1934 4He 10 cm, 88 microA
    Notice to the experts: this shift crew notice that the x-y position displayed by spot, does not correspond to the live reading of BPMA
    and BPMB; we continue to trust the latter, but wonder why the former is off by as much as 0.5 mm when beam centered to within 0.05 mm.
    no beam for 20 min, end run 1935 early.
    Period of accelerator instability. We restart at 21:45, even though cause of instability not diagnozed.
    Run 1936 started at 21:45.
    Current limited by beam instabilities, til midnight.