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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 21:19:03 on November 28, 2006

    Entry number 189386

    keyword=Present Detector Stack configurations

    Left Arm has VDCs (with carbon fiber covers still in place), S1, short gas cherenkov with Rutgers extension box on the front, S2, Carbon Analyzer doors are open and power to the motors unplugged, SC3 (no gas flow and electronics off), SC4 (no gas flow and electronics off), Pion Rejector.

    Right Arm has VDCs (with carbon fiber covers removed), long Gas Cherenkov pushed to the left(as particles see it) side, out of the envelope, on short rail extensions with a clamp to prevent it being slid back into the envelope, S2m with the front honeycomb/teflon cover removed. I also blew an accumulation of dust off the exit window.

    Albert has changed some PMTs on the two arms. He wrote >1. All PMTs S2 left HRS >2. All PMTs S1 right HRS whitout S1-6L >On the September I change all PMTs S1 left HRS.