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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 20:00:18 on November30,2006

    Entry number 189598

    keyword=Left arm detector coordinates

    Jack and I made rough measurements of the relative Z-positions of the S1, S2 centers and the Pion Rejector front face: S2-S1=71.5", PiR-S2=53.5". The accuracy is about 0.5". Comparing the results with the database used:

    Detector DB updated
    S1 1.29 stays at 1.29
    S2 3.14 3.10
    PiR1 3.75 4.46

    The is a 4 cm difference in the S2-S1 distance.
    For the moment, I suggest to keep the old S1 and S2 coordinates, but move PiR1 to 4.50m and PiR2 to 4.65m. The new DB directory is 20061130.