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    User name Adaq

    Log entry time 01:56:25 on March10,2007

    Entry number 195358

    keyword=Target status from physics replay

    In order to study the status of the Pb+C and Bi+C targets, the variables rb.Raster.target.dir.y vs rb.Raster.target.dir.x
    (Position of the Raster at the target) have been ploted for
    most of the runs. Four plots are made for each run (or group of runs):

    1 ) With no cuts
    2 ) With a cut in Emiss corresponding to the main Carbon peak
    3 ) With a cut in Emiss corresponding to the outermost states of Pb or Bi, no carbon is expected within this cut
    4 ) The large Emiss region, dominated by Pb or Bi

    It can be seen that the bismuth content from the C+Bi+C target is
    irregular in the lower half from the very beginning of the experiment
    (run 1324), and that the lead in C+Pb+C is gone (run 1308) in a large area. The onset of the lead problem is seen in run 1209 and was gradually (and very slowly) growing during the following runs.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2