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    User name weinstein

    Log entry time 00:02:54 on March13,2007

    Entry number 195743

    keyword=shift summary

    Weinstein, Puckett, Ngo on shift

    end run 1458 to allow Bob Michaels to download new trigger
    left arm magnet ioc crash during run 1459 - run is garbage
    reboot ioc 10

    16:34 HV alarm for beamline HV - EP and ARC channels 1 and 2.
    cycle power to channel (set to 0 and then to -1200
    turn channel off then on
    turn card off then on
    that works

    total charge through run 1458: 1.681C

    run, events, charge, total charge, comment
    1460, 1M, 0.077C, 1.758C
    1461, 1M, 0.077C, 1.835C
    1462, 0.3M, 0.025C, 1.860C - beam trip, lose beam for 15+ minutes

    17:43 lose beam
    20:55 the 15 minutes are up and beam is back
    start run 1463 at 10 uA (slowly raise the beam current to keep the Pb target safe), 32K (yes, 'K') events. T3 per coulomb is unchanged.
    21:04 go to 20 uA and start run 1464
    21:15 request 40 uA start run 1465

    1465, 1M, 0.077C, 1.937C
    1466, 1M, 0.077C, 2.014C
    1467, 1M, 0.077C, 2.091C
    1468, 1M, 0.077C, 2.168C