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    User name R.M./A.C.

    Log entry time 14:58:01 on April 1,2007

    Entry number 197740

    This entry is a followup to: 197590

    keyword=trigger mods part III

    Bob Michaels and Alexandre Camsonne
    More trigger work.

    T6 = T3.and.R-arm-RT (same as in Dec 2006)
    T7 = T1.and.T4 (this is new)
    T6 has it's R-arm-RT input delayed through channels 9-12 (C index)
    on Rdelay1. The adjustment vs momentum was checked.
    T6 and T7 arrive at trigger supervisor within a few nsec of T5.
    T6 is early by 4 nsec and T7 late by 17 nsec.

    Alex adjusted L-arm S1 scint TDC stops to occur more towards middle
    of dynamic range. This allowed some timing adjustment. I added
    8 nsec more to L-arm RT. This makes a total of 32 nsec since
    previous experiment. The L-arm ADC gate timing is ok. The data
    comes about 44 nsec after the start of the gate.

    Several checks were done to verify that signals moved correctly
    with momentum.