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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 09:06:49 on April10,2007

    Entry number 198464

    keyword=Unable to analyze harp scan

    Did Harp scan. He3 target. 5uA CW.
    HArp tool in "ACC" mode reports error. Running in "ARC" mode with "Command file name: data56". Left "Arc tuning" at "DISP", even though instructions (from 2002) suggest "ACHRO". Harps 1H03A and 1H03B scan fine. Green lines. Kinda small signal. Saved as harp data file 2334. Run CODA simultaneously, run #2281.
    Following the instructions in an attempt to analyze these data, but this does not work. On the "Hall A Main Menu", click on "!" next to "ARC Integral". "Hall A Scanners ... Analysis" pops up, but does nothing. Searching for the underlying file reveals that the directory does not exist.
    Asking MCC to do the scan.
    The instructions in the counting house should be updated!