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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 09:58:15 on April10,2007

    Entry number 198471

    keyword=Harp instructions need update

    The harp analysis screens that are mentioned in the printed instructions can only be brought up from the "hapc7" computer (above the shift leader console).
    Trying to analyze one of our earlier hard scans with these tools results in a "Scan code died. Check for bad data" message, regardless of which run I try to analyze Arun Saha tells me that this is a "known software problem" that "needs to be fixed by accelerator". Ok...
    Meanwhile, MCC is able to do harp scans very quickly. It seems like their software is working just fine...
    Since MCC already did the harp measurement, we decide not to pursue this further right now.
    To reemphasize: The harp scan instructions that are available in the counting house are outdated. Please update.