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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 07:49:48 on April 11, 2007

    Entry number 198602

    keyword=Late entry : additionnal delays in left arm

    With Brian, Makin, Mina and Javier we added 38 feet additionnal delay cables. By just playing withe gate it was difficult to gain much and we needed like 20 ns. Also the usual cable for the ADC gate ( high speed I guess and rather short ) was damaged last summer so I had to used a twisted pair cable for the ADC gate which was a bit longer than needed. I guess we could have gained about 6-10 ns with that and considering the very tight timing it got us a bit into trouble. It seems we delay is sufficient though fixing the ADC gate cable could gain a bit more of additionnal margin.

    Figure 1