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    User name spiegel

    Log entry time 13:57:31 on April 12, 2007

    Entry number 198749

    keyword=Q1 power supply comm error

    Found p/s had multiple failure conditions (pre-regulator and spare) on Danfysik display panel, including an interlock failure on Saclay rack controls. Tried to reset by cycling power with no effect. Tried two different mother board changes on P/S, neither would communicate with Danfysik control panel. During one of the installations noticed a cold solder joint on the ISO-AMP. board assembly. Resoldered board mount connector. Decided to reinstall original Mother board and reset again. All faults cleared and found we had "REMOTE" control of power supply. However, the control panel had no display or local control. Swapped out danfysik control panel for one that was previously changed out and still in the Hall. Powered P/S down, Installed other control panel and everything worked fine. Note: The Iso-Amp. connector problem was coincidental to the communications problem and not the cause.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: folts@jlab.org,segal@jlab.org