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    User name sawatzky

    Log entry time 23:58:00 on April 13, 2007

    Entry number 198942

    This entry is a followup to: 198936

    keyword=No ADC data for LHRS S2 and Cerenkov detectors for runs 2431, 2432. Run 2433 looks good

    Online replay of Run 2431 showed there were no ADC data for the left arm S2 or Cerenkov ADCs. TDCs and triggers were OK, no errors in ROC frontend terminal windows.

    Did short replay of 2432 (which had just started) and found the same problem.

    We power-cycled the LHRS upper and lower fastbus crates using the "Upper/Lower Fastbus AC" reset buttons in the Hall A General Tools "Crate Resets" GUI.

    ROC3 failed to reboot properly. The path for its boot script got corrupted: '/adapfs/...' instead of '/adaqfs/....' (note the swap of 'p' for 'q' -- that's really perverse glitch). We fixed that and ROC3 was happy.

    A CODA download stalled on ROC2 (memory error in the ROC2 console). We did a soft reboot of ROC2, did a CODA reset and download and were (finally) good to go.

    A replay of 15k events for Run 2433 shows we have our ADCs back.