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    User name L. Zhu

    Log entry time 15:50:18 on April18,2007

    Entry number 199504

    keyword=day shift summary

    8:00 keep taking production data with 92uA beam.
    2618 he3 1.2M
    2619 he3 1.2M
    2630 he3 219K

    8:45 stop the beam and change to new kinematics at Q2=29 fm-2:
    beam energy: E=4.057
    target: he4
    HRSL: E_e=3.861; theta_e=15.35
    HRSR: E_h=0.4912; theta_h=74.286
    In addition, the techs changed the camera for the target. One can now see the burnt mark on the BeO target clearly. And Jack did some test on right Q1.

    4:00 pass to next shift and keep waiting for beam.