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    User name jennifer

    Log entry time 11:22:30 on April 19, 2007

    Entry number 199583

    keyword=air sampling 4/19/07

    Williams conducted air sampling in Hall A this morning during a controlled access.

    Sampled for ozone, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, amines, nitrous fumes, sulfur dioxide, phosgene, and chlorine.

    As observed yesterday, only ozone was detectable. All other parameters were negative.

    The highest ozone concentration measured today was 0.01ppm (while sampling near the computer console behind shielding wall). All other measurements for ozone taken throughout the hall remained at 0ppm.

    OSHA and ACGIH ozone exposure limit is 0.1ppm.

    Datalogger was also setup in Hall A to record ozone for the next 80 days.