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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:44:01 on April25,2007

    Entry number 199991

    keyword=swapped CAMAC delay to fix missing TDC

    I swapped out the CAMAC delay on L-arm CAMAC crate#1, slot 8.
    This morning I observed that there was no output from this
    module for S1-R-5th. The module which feeds this is the
    ECL Progr. Width Module in slot 5, and it had all channels
    functioning. One can conclude that the problem was either with
    the cable or the module in slot 8 or its connector. Rob F tried
    swapping the cable last night but the signal went away after
    he left. The cable that's there now looks fine to me.

    If it goes bad again then I think the only possibility is
    the output connector on the ECL Progr. WM in slot 5. Doubt it.

    One other thing: the trigger was NOT affected, only the TDC info.