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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 13:22:58 on April28,2007

    Entry number 200384

    keyword=confusion about the Moller target position

    We asked for beam after the controlled access. But apparently there is some confusion about where the Moller target should be. When the raster magnet was down we asked the MCC to reboot the raster IOC and it is known that the IOC reboot may not set the Moller target position to a safe (OUT) position. I cannot find any information on the Hall A website and the RC said the MCC should have the proper info about this. After some phone calls back and forth it has been cleared that the Moller position is okay (according to the crew chief). Now we start to get some beam in the hall. I counted 12:40-13:00 as experiment not ready and 13:00-13:20 as BNU.