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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 04:44:47 on April29,2007

    Entry number 200462

    This entry is a followup to: 200461

    keyword=raster repair (but for how long ?)

    We swapped linear driver #6 out and put #8 in. We did not
    swap the 24V supply.

    There is some confusion about notation. MCC calls this the
    "vertical" raster, presumably because the magnetic field is
    vertical. Historically I called it the horizontal (deflection).
    I'll go with MCC notation for the following.

    We noticed that driver #5 was deployed for horizontal.
    Meanwhile, driver #7 is presently in the radcon staging area
    shelving inside the Hall. We put driver#6 near those shelves
    too, on the floor.

    Regarding the history, the latest 2 breakages were vertical
    (MCC notation), the one before that was horiz, and the one
    before that is unknown at this time. Therefore it seems to be not
    the same circuit each time, which is relevant to the diagnosis.

    Regarding 24V supplies, there's one in my office near my desk
    and one in cabinet CRA_CAB4 in the back room of counting room.
    I'll order more Monday (expedited). Company is www.astrodyne.com.
    Yes, we need to fix this design with a beefier PS.

    I believe the max current is 30A and the experiment has been
    using 17A typically. I am unfortunately mystified why they break
    at 17A.