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    User name X. Jiang

    Log entry time 23:55:20 on May10,2007

    Entry number 201639

    keyword=swing shift summary

    16:00, start shift with no beam.

    18:40. accelarator is tuning beam to Hall A.

    19:40. no beam. called MCC. Beam instablity, injector group is working on it.

    21:05. no beam. called MCC. Hall C beam-current-lock failed, can not deliver beam to Hall A. MCC have experts fixing the problem.

    21:25. MCC is ready to deliver beam.

    Moved optics target in, ask MCC to do harp scan with raster off.

    HARP IHA104B result: sigmax=222 um sigmay=221 um

    22:50 105 uA beam on He3 target start run 3332.

    run 3332, 1.25 M. good data.